Thursday was a travel day, heading to Loa, Utah - basically due north about 4.5 hours.  We took the longer, scenic route on Scenic Byway 12 past the north entrance to Bryce Canyon, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Grand Staircase/Escalane National Monument, Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, Burr Trail (and Burr Trail Grill - great food!), Anasazi State Park Museum, up and over Boulder Mountain and then into Torrey, the gateway into Capitol Reef National Park.  If we'd have several more days of vacation, we'd have gone to all of those places.  Utah is a very unique state and I've enjoyed all of our trips there.

We arrived in Loa about 3 pm (4 pm MST), checked in at the hotel and shortly after drove to The Quiet Fly Fisher's shop.  After meeting with Mike briefly, we headed to Bicknell for dinner at the Sun Glow Restaurant.  The valley that houses Torrey, Bicknell and Loa is a high valley - 7000' - surrounded by mountains.  It's farm land and ranch land.  In the early mornings and evenings, it is so peaceful; I really love the area.

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