Tuesday, we woke to cool temps and no wind (yet).  75 or so outside and absolutely breath-taking.  Up and dressed and outside for some nice pictures and pre-breakfast relaxing.  The restaurant opens a 6 am and we were there.  We discovered that if you want to get an earlier start, you can order a 'To Go Breakfast' and pick it up a 6 am.  They'll have it ready, hand it to you and put it on your room tab, so you can get down to the launch ramp earlier.  Good deal.  Breakfast was good and then we headed out.

We hit the launch ramp about 7:15 and got geared up - waders/boots on, fly rods together and strung and made sure we had enough water and sun block.  There was 1 boat and guide waiting.  I asked Pop to head down there and see if that was our guide Dale.  If so, holler at me and let me know.  15 minutes later, Pop's not to be seen, so I figured it was Dale and Pop was just down there talking with him.  Sure 'nough.  I carried all our gear down there and there they were, leaning up against the rail waiting for me.  Introductions were made and we hopped onto the boat.  We're under way!

The air was cool, only a slight breeze and the scenery was amazing.  Dale was kind enough to slow down so we could take pics and he also told us all about the area.  Mid-morning, we were heading upstream towards a big curve.  He slowed way down and pointed to the top of the cliff.  Thousands of people go there every year to take pictures of down here - Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River - we were on the river going through it looking up.  Cool.

He stopped to point out several things throughout the day.  Wild horses, big horn sheep, Glen Canyon Dam and the area where Charleton Heston played Moses and parted the Red Sea.

By 9:30 am or so, the wind picked up quite badly.  It made casting and even fishing a bit difficult.  No worries, we still caught fish and had an excellent time!

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