Wednesday morning started out cooler and stayed cooler by 5-7 degrees.  The next big thing with Wednesday - no wind, so the fishing was easier and much better.  They let about 18" more flow out of the dam, so about 2 hours after we arrived and started fishing, we had to deal with the water being 18" deeper.  It changed things, but didn't slow the fishing down.  Since Pop can't get around as easily as he'd like to, he fished in the same spot all day.  Dale moved the boat out into deeper water so Pop could sit and relax his back......and still fish from the boat.  It worked out well.  Pop caught lots of fish and really enjoyed himself.  Thanks Dale!  We ended up staying at this island all day.

I fished above Pop, all around the island and even a bit below Pop.  Never a dull moment.  There were several times that I'd land a fish and then cast and hook up again.....and do a three-peat.  Three in a row was fun.  One of the biggest things we noticed about these Lee's Ferry trout, they may be small, but they fight like crazy.  Many jumped two feet out of the water and even jumped multiple times.  Lots of fun fishing and catching.  It was an excellent day!

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