Pop wasn't able to go fishing this year, he had some health issues.  I did get to go up to the Eastern Sierras twice.  Once in June and once in October.  You'll get to see some of the same pics, summer vs. late fall.

The October trip was planned at that time because a friend at work, Kevin, was going to spend the entire last week of October up there.  Travis, Vegas and I went up Wednesday of that week and came home on Sunday.

If you've never been to the Eastern Sierras at this time of year - just before the snows come in - it's cold and crisp and absolutely wonderful.  The catching was only so-so, but I got to spend 4 days with Travis and spend a day with 2 new friends.

The air and scenery was breath-taking to say the least.....

If you've never been to the Eastern Sierras in late spring - just after it's started to warm up - it cool, breezy and incredibly green.  The views, especially from "The Meadow" - our term for the Upper Owens River north and east of Mammoth - are truly spectacular.

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