Even with all the snowy, rainy, early season weather, we decided to try a pre-Memorial Day Mammoth fishing trip.  As you can see, there's still lots of snow.

As we discovered, the road to Lakes Mary, Mamie and George was closed at Twin Lakes Lodge.  Of course, that means no remote drive to Laurel Lakes - not a chance with all the snow.

For our 3+ days, it was very windy; which drives the fish deep and except for Thursday, quite cold.  Thursday was sunny and very windy, but made it to about 70.  Friday and Saturday were cold - maybe 45 mid-day, very windy and cloudy.

The fishing was excellent, but the catching was non-existent.  No matter, Steve, Jim and I had a blast trying to fish and then spending the afternoons at the hotel room playing cribbage and watching ball games.

Couldn't have been much better.  We got to relax and have fun.  Thursday, Upper Owens, Friday Silver Lake and Saturday, June Lake.

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