Our last trip of the season to the Eastern Sierras - Oct. 19 thru Oct. 23.  It was absolutely spectacular up there.  During the 'heat of the day' it barely reached 60, usually 57-58; and typically when we got up before 6 am, it was 18 or 19.....brrrrr.  It felt really good.

We started at our usual Upper Owens.  Cool, clear and awesome.  Even caught some fish. 
Saturday, we were gonna hit Lake Mary in the am, but the marina wasn't open, yet (?!?) at 8 am.  I think it was closed for the season.
We drove to June Lake and fished there instead.  Then headed to Lake George.  No fish, but excellent views.
Sunday morning, we hit Convict Lake.  Again, breathtaking views.  Went back to the room and watched the Rams get to 7-0.
Monday, we met Kevin at Gull Lake and fished there all day.  The only break was lunch at Tiger Bar and nice chili size made with Tiger chili.  It's always a good time, but spending a day fishing with Kevin made it even better.  He stayed up there until Saturday, Oct. 27.

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If you live in California and have never been to the Eastern Sierras, YOU NEED TO GO!  Even if you don't fish, but just sight-see, it's so worth it.