Steve and I got to head up to Mammoth the last couple of days of July.  It was a 'quickie' trip, as it was fairly spur-of-the-moment.  We met a friend of Steve's from work, Larry and his Dad, Tom.  Really nice guys.  We fished upstream on the Upper Owens at the bridge of Benton Crossing Road.

Too many people around for me, but the fishing was still pretty good.  All reports said nymphs and hoppers were the ticket.  I caught two off of a small Adams style parachute hopper and then knocked 'em dead with an Adams parachute.  6" to 12" were normal size.  Lots of fun for a couple of hours.

Travis, couldn't join us.  We always miss him when he can't go.  He'll be going in late October, though.  Can't wait for that trip.

You'll notice some new pics.  Susan got me some special lenses for my iPhone.  10x, 15x, wide angle and fisheye.  The catching at Lake George was non-existant, so I took some unique pics and vids.

The smoke in the area blew over from the Yosemite fire that's due west.  Late afternoon Saturday was the worst.  Thankfully, as I write this, it's out now.

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