We got to get a short trip in 2018!  I didn't think we would, but we squeezed one in.  We headed north to the Upper Sacramento River area and stayed in Dunsmuir.  We stayed in Cave Springs Resort, which was pretty nice.  Our guide pointed us to probably the best restaurant in Northern California - Cafe Maddalena.  It was outstanding!   Down here in So Cal, the meals would have easily been $50-$75 per, not $25 per.

Our guide was Jack Trout.  He's very friendly and knows the Sacramento River quite well.  Check him out www.jacktrout.com.  T he fishing was good, but the catching not so.  It was 103 on the water on the Upper Sacramento on Thursday.  We thought we'd give the Lower Sacramento a try on Friday.  10-15 degrees cooler, cloud cover and they let a couple more CFM out of the dam, so the catching was non-existent.  Jack felt really bad and promised us a different experience next time we come up.  We'll go up there again, maybe next year.

The best part of the trip, as usual, is 4 days spent with Pop.  The scenery was incredible and we had fun and got to relax.

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We did have some excitement.  On the Upper Sac, Pop didn't see where Jack turned and they missed each other.  It took about an hour for them to make it back to the water where I was impatiently waiting.

We also met 2 new friends - Brandon and his son Eli (I think it was Eli).  Like us, father and son fishing together.  They were on their first fly fishing trip together - WAY COOL!   Pop and I on our 42nd year.  Keep that tradition going you too!