Our first bass trip in 2019!

Saturday morning started out problematic.  In order to lift the boat motor for travel, it has to be in gear.  We discovered that it wouldn't go into reverse. No bueno!  After about a 1/2 hour, we got that figured out/fixed.  Time to head out.

It's a short drive to Lake Perris, so even with the later start cause of the problem, no biggie.  We got the boat/trailer backed down the ramp and into the water and discovered a fuel leak.  Pull the boat back up and spent another 45 minutes replacing and tightening some hose clamps.

So far - not a good start.

Got the boat onto the water and away we went.  We hit the water in the midst of an algae bloom.  Algae blooms can slow the fishing and in this case, it did.  We didn't see hardly anyone catching any bass or trout (both are in the lake).  Towards the latter part of the morning, I did manage to get a decent bass - about a pound and a half.

After the bad luck with the boat, RJ continued to have problems.  Reels that never give him problems did.  He spent quite a bit of time untangling bird's nests on his reels.  I was able to completely untangle both reels he had problems with.  Since he is always more patient than I am at this, it was a bit comical to see the role reversal of me being able to untangle his reels.

We've been skunked in the boat - no bass - for nearly 3 years, so even though it was only one bass, the skunk is gone.  We're thinking that someone else planted a banana on the boat that we don't know about. ;) 

Even though it was a one-fish-day and things were a bit rough all morning, we had an excellent time.  It was absolutely beautiful on the water.  The scenery was excellent, a light breeze and nice and warm made a good morning.  The best part was that we got to spend the day together......it was a good day!

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