I was laid off of my job on Tuesday, May 28.  We'd already had this trip planned, so we decided to still go.

Mammoth and the Eastern Sierras are NEVER disappointing!  There is so much snow up there still, more than I've ever seen in 25 years of going up there. As reported by mammothmountain.com, there's been 718" at the summit and 492" at the lodge this season.  WOW!  There is still 75"-140" up there.  They'll be skiing until July.  Way cool.

The blustery weather slowed the fishing way down, but no matter, we still had an awesome time.  Each day was fish in the morning until noon or so and then head in because the wind/rain/hail would start.  We'd have lunch and then hang in the hotel room and play cribbage and watch TV.

Our first fishing is always the Uppoer Owens River east (and a bit north) of Mammoth.  It's at a lower elevation than the Mammoth fishing lake (Twin, Mary, Mamie & George).  It was so nice out there!  The fishing was OK, but the scenery was outstanding!

As you look at the pics, numbers 1-45 were taken on Thursday; 46-65 were taken on Friday; 66-98 were taken on Saturday and 99-103 were Sunday morning.
Thursday was the Upper Owens River (a favorite of ours), Friday was Lake Crowley (we'll go back), Saturday was June Lake and Sunday was coming home.

Special thanks to Mike at Big Rock Marina.  He's a really good guy and always takes good care of us!


Thanks to the Loco Frijole, Slocums and Morrisons for the excellent service and food. 
I can't leave out the Tiger Bar in June Lake.  WE ALWAYS GO HERE, AT LEAST ONCE.  The ticket there - a bowl of Tiger Chili and a Bloody Mary.




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