Year 43 - We decided to try staying at a lodge that offered guide services; basically a "full service" lodge.  Hearing good things about the North Platte River east of Casper, Wyoming, I found Grey Reef Anglers Lodge.  3 nights and 2 days, all meals, guide service and rooms included.  I couldn't have been happier with my choice!  Excellent lodge and people.  As you can see from the background image, they have an excellent view of the North Platte and the valley.  From the guides to the chef, we fished and ate really well.

Special thanks to Cyndi our chef, Bryant (my guide) and Logan (Pop and Gary's guide).  Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Jason & Judi Ostrander (owners), they were on vacation.  Chip took good care of us.

Gary joined us this year and enjoyed himself immensely.

First, a day's drive to Heber City, Utah and a quick trip to the Provo River to site-see.  The next day up and over the Uintas (ALWAYS wow!) and into Kemmerer to fish Hamsfork.  The following day's drive to GRA Lodge.  Basically, we parked the car and had no need to get into it again until we left.  Then 2 days of guided fishing on the Miracle Mile portion of the North Platte River.  We thought the Green River, Wyoming trout were big and fat, these trout are bigger and fatter!  Both Pop and I landed the biggest, fattest trout we'd ever landed.  The last 2 days were driving to Filmore, Utah and then home.  Next time, we'll fly to Denver and drive up to Casper to save time.

Both Gary and I took quite a few pics.  Pop, not so many, he was busy fishing!

A footnote - If you've never driven from Kamas, Utah up and over the Uintas into Evanston, Wyoming - IT'S SO WORTH THE DRIVE!  You won't be disappointed with the scenery.

Enjoy the pics -

First 3 Travel Days - Lots of pics and videos.     

2 Fishing Days - More pics on Tuesday than Wednesday.  Wednesday had much less wind, so we were busier catching more fish!

Coming Home - Even less pics coming home.  We're tired, happy, ready to come home and we've seen all of this coming up.