After spending some time looking at this website, Pop looked for (and found) a bunch of old pictures of backpacking/camping and fishing trips.

Please forgive the graininess of the pictures.  They're old Kodak pics that I scanned.

I chose the song "A Place Remembered" from the movie "A River Runs Through It", music by Mark Isham for all 3 of these pages.  It just seemed apporpriate.

The most current pictures are from 1989 in the Bass Lake area.  Pop, John Parker and I drove up to the area and fished a little stream east of Bass Lake in the mountains.  The fishing was only OK, but we had an excellent time and the campground we stayed at was quite fun.  We met Marlow, the 85 pound golden lab camp dog.  He was awesome and just loved everyone around, except one lady camper.  She chased him away all the time.  He got her back, though, he pooped upwind near her tent.  Very FUNNY!

The next pictures are from my first anniversary (1988).  Susan and I went backpacking with Pop.  We camped the first night at Rock Creek Campground (9600') to acclimate and then hiked up to Heart Lake to spend the next few days camping/fishing.  Susan got high altitude sickness after going up to about 12000' fishing.  Back at camp, we got her taken care of and we stayed another 2 days and had a blast.

There are a few pics of Pop, Eric and I camping in Onion Valley (1986?).

The rest of the pics are pre-1983 taken in the Western Sierras along the North Fork of the Tule River.  Please enjoy.

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