I used to fish the local mountains, San Bernardinos, frequently.  I'd go up to Redlands and catch Hwy 38 past Angeles Oaks and fish Barton Creek.  I used to think it was Forsee Creek, but I'd drive past the road that went to Forsee every time.  Barton Creek (as well as Forsee Creek) feed the Santa Ana River.  Barton is a very small stream, typically no wider than 6-8 feet and 3-10 inches deep.  Too small?  Nope, it was stuffed with little brown trout.

On occassion, I'd drive across the valley and fish Bear Creek.  Bear is typically bigger than Barton Creek and with a bit of a hike upstream from the road, there were some larger pools.  Bear Creek was never a dissapointment on catching, either.

Quite a few times, I'd drive up Hwy 18, turn off on 173 (towards Lake Arrowhead) and then turn onto Hook Creek Rd.  Follow it down to Deep Creek Camp Rd. and follow that until it ended at Deep Creek.  We typically fished upstream from there.  The further upstream we went from the road, the better the fishing got.  We'd also on occassion take a left and go down to Devil's Hole.  It was a 4WD road only, but my old blue truck (non-4WD) always got me down there and always got me back.

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